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An Autonomous institution since 2015

Affiliated to Rayalaseema University

Under Cluster University w.e.f. 07-01-2020

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Student Exchange Program - Profile


Student Exchange programme has become a buzz word these days in educational institutions with a view to providing a platform for students to showcase their teaching skills as teaching tutors to new students in an entirely new environment.

Student Exchange Programme is implemented in colleges in order to acquaint the students to other students so as to enable them to get rid of the stage fright and to provide a rich experience of exhibiting their hidden teaching talent and to hone  theirskills. The student gains respect and recognition in a new environment. It also builds confidence and makes her self- reliant to encounter any interview outside. It builds good rapport and relationship with the students of other colleges. They try to equip themselves with abundant knowledge to facilitate effectiveness in teaching. It empowers the updating of latest issues pertaining to the subject. It also leads to sharing of knowledge as the saying goes “knowledge shared is knowledge doubled.”

 It acts as a source of inspiration for other students to emulate the tutors so as to gain respect and recognition. It brings recognition to their respective teachers and institution. Self building and awareness result in enhanced self confidence and self esteem. A drastic reformation occurs in a student after student exchange programme which makes her crave for identity and thirst for knowledge. She remains a role model in the annals of college history as an unforgettable memory for herself   and a model for others to emulate.It makes a student independent and creative in thinking and teaching.Finally it strengthens the relationshipamong the  colleges.