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Re-accredited with 'A' Grade by NAAC

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  • To develop excellent communicators in Telugu.
  • To create interest in rural background students to develop love to Indian culture and heritage through Telugu literature.
  • Inculcating curiosity in students to aspire their future for journalism both print and electronic media.

MISSION STATEMENT                      

To emphasize linguistic and realistic human moral values in the fields of literature,   fine arts, civilization, and education for benefit of the society.

Program Outcomes                                         

It is the justifiable, pride of our department to take Telugu as second language to all the stream of undergraduate students. Telugu is one of the traditional languages of India. It is the third largest spoken language of India. We the ‘Andhras’ are blessed with this charming language on our mother tongue. It helps the students to share their thoughts, opinions, feelings and emotions freely and happily with good command on they own it. Opting Telugu language at their under graduate level provides the students come to known extremely about the values, standards tradition and culture of the previous generation. During their learning students notice the intellectuality, deep human insight and social concern of eminent and outstanding poets and their  Writes and critics of Telugu literature. Most of their writings are the youngsters of present generation the precepts and proverbs taught them how to deal gently with others. It also draws the attention of the students to think practically and mould them how to lead a systematic and successful life style with ethical values in their personal professional lives. In this process, the students are eager to inculcate certain qualities like honor the tradition, respect the elders, sharing the responsibilities, supporting the families and adopt patriotism, taking an active part in any of the social services become more strong to force any challenge in their life. Finally, the students are learned and prepared to be a good and great personalities in the society from our college over decades.

  • To promote leadership qualities through oration
  • To mould the students into an accommodative, broad minded and duty minded citizens with good Behavior and character.

Programme Specific Outcomes

Teaching in Telugu, especially as a second language facilitates the students remember the most pleasing mother tongue throughout their life and to make them luminous on various aspects from the selected curricular topics. It also assists to imprecise the creative skills which enable them to stand as elite in the competitive world